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Active Partnership

Sistema invests by mean of an increase in capital, aiming to mid to long term realization perspectives. By “active partnership” we intend an extended involvement of our experts in your Company/firm/business. We grant you the advice of outstanding experts in various fields (ranging from strategic support to digital economy), as well as the chance to access the ample international network of our society. Thanks to these opportunities, the realization of an added value becomes considerably more achievable for the company that will benefit from our support.


Our aim is to assist pre-eminently companies or small family business that are already active on the market and would now like to expand their current business or branch out their activities. Moreover, our energies are focused in helping Start up to launch their concepts on the market. To this purpose, we offer capitals and our experience-derived digital competences to transform possibilities in reality.


Currently, we are involved in 9 project, with a portfolio diversified among fast-growing economy areas.


Exit have been accomplished- whose outcomes lead to a considerable financial return for both founders and investors.


31 Experts are ready to offer you all the strategic support, marketing and digital advice your company needs.



Our strategy relies on a fast and robust capital increase that will provide you with the financial resources necessary to sustain your business and move your projects a step forward.


More than 30 Experts are ready to offer you all the strategic support, marketing and digital advice your company needs.

- Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
- Supply chain optimisation
- Cost reduction
- Procurement transformation
- Branding & Graphic design
- Web & Mobile Develop
- UI/UX design
- Social media strategy
- Business planning


We pride ourselves on our ability to create a robust and loyal network around your business that will considerably help the growth of your company/firm.

With Sistema, your business is ready to take off!

Starting is as simple as giving us some informations on your business idea and selecting which kind of assistance you would prefer to receive. We invite you to attach to your application a brief presentation (8-10 slides) in which to clearly describe the intrinsic value of your project. After a first step of evaluation, our analyst will contact you to examine in depth the potential of your business and start together on the path towards success.

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